NEW Gentlemen’s Art in the Gallery of Art

All of our artists have been enjoying the combination of photo collage, watercolor wash and the Paper Palette Process.  I think it’s the bright colors, interesting book photos, nature themes and combination of techniques that keep them interested.  They are researching photos from re-purposed books on the subjects of gardening, cooking, nature and children’s literature.  See what they have been up to in our Gallery of Art!! Enjoy!

Pine Cone by OD, Paper Palette Collage with a watercolor wash! Superb

Pine Cone by OD, Paper Palette Collage with a watercolor wash! Superb

March 8 was International Women’s Day!

Inspiring Change!


in all fields, endeavors and the international aspirations and achievements of women past, present and in the future!

We think every day should celebrate the strength and vision of women….at least every other day!

We want to salute the WOMEN of Moments of Memory…the artists, volunteers, interns, board of directors and our loyal supporters… without their support, spirit and vision we would have not come to fruition.

We are proof that the power of hope and the combined energy of a few can and will bring change to the souls and hearts we have touched, touch today and will continue to reach out to in the future.

Our website has been viewed by women from over 80 countries worldwide! We are a global hub of inspiration on the art of bringing Art to the Hearts of those women & men living with Alzheimer’s!

It’s not the ART, nor the textiles, nor the sheep and chickens…it’s the opportunities for bringing dignity, respect and hope to women everywhere…everyday!

For more information visit the link in our blogroll, and celebrate International Women’s Day, since 1911!

Thank you for considering our mission for your 2014 giving!

Pieces of My Heart by Katherine, February 2014 Paper Palette Collage

Pieces of My Heart by Katherine, February 2014
Paper Palette Collage

Easy ways to Give:

  •  To Donate online: Click the first link on the Blogroll on the right.
  •  To mail, go to the Donation Form page,  print pages 1-2 and mail.
  •  Or call us with your donation information (775) 848-4757


Moments of Memory, Inc. in Nevada, is an IRS approved (12/15/08) 501 (c)3 tax exempt charity.  Our mission is to bring visual art experiences to those living with memory impairment.  Your donation, pursuant to NRS 598, may be tax deductible. Please check with your personal accountant.


Our NEW 2014 Calendars are ready to order!

12 months of new Moments of Memory art

  • 5×7 format in a Plexiglas frame
  • All major holidays noted
  • Images have been pre-determined.
  • $20 each with stand + $5.20 Priority Mail shipping
  • $15  (12) inserts only + $3.00 USPS
  • Free local delivery

Email  or call (775) 848-4757 with your order!


Our 2013 Calendar in a plexi stand frame

Our 2013 Calendar in a plexi stand frame

The Calendar stand from the side

The Calendar stand from the side


Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our 2013 events! We couldn’t do what we do and be who we are without YOUR support, thank you for holding us up!


The 2013 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Thank you for stopping by our booth at the Sparks Marina for the 2013 Walk to End Alzheimer’s!  It was a beautiful day to make new friends, visit with old friends and make new memories! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to paint and support our program!

This year's Moments of Memory volunteers were Allie Bailey & Erica Moran, both sorority sisters in Sigma Kappa, and Sean  Fogarty and friend Reymon Ulan.

This year’s Moments of Memory volunteers were Allie Bailey & Erica Moran, both sorority sisters in Sigma Kappa, and Sean Fogarty and friend Reymon Ulan.

Reymon, Sean and Gabby Buma showing their love at our display table!

Reymon, Sean and Gabby Buma showing their love at our display table!

Little artists lending little hands at our painting table!

Little artists lending little hands at our painting table!

"You can't frown when you're painting!"

“You can’t frown when you’re painting!

Young artists helping to make a difference!

Young artists helping to make a difference!

"I need a bigger piece of paper!"

“I need a bigger piece of paper!”

Our Art Tree brightened up the day!

Our Art Tree brightened up the day!

  Both Erica Moran and Allie Bailey, volunteers, are members of Sigma Kappa Sorority on the UNR campus. The sorority has selected Alzheimer’s Disease research as their primary philanthropy. Erica, Sean and Gabby are students of the Gerontology Academic Program at UNR. Gabby has been a devoted volunteer and Sean and Erica have chosen Moments of Memory for their internship this semester. We are so fortunate to have them join us on a weekly basis. Our artist’s sincerely appreciate their youthful enthusiasm.

Our Interns and Artists:

Erica, our UNR intern, shows off Buck's Cosmetic Art Landscape!

Erica shows off Buck’s Cosmetic Art Landscape!

Edith keeps Raina on her toes!

Edith keeps Raina on her toes!

Sean, helping  Ausma select her cosmetic colors to complete her landscape.

Sean, helping Ausma select her cosmetic colors to complete her landscape.

Our 2013 Thank You’s:

Our 2013 annual Classic Car show fundraiser at Summit Racing Equipment in Sparks was a fantastic success!! A huge thank you to  the superb staff at Summit Racing Equipment and the Moments of Memory volunteers.

Thank you to all the registered car owners for their continued and compassionate support of our program and the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s!

Thank you to everyone who has donated supplies for our classes, including women’s make-up, watercolor pencils, paint, fabulous art papers, scrap booking supplies and more.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Artown events in 2013!

Sincere appreciation to everyone who has supported our program and assisted us in continuing our mission to bring art to those living with Alzheimer’s!

Thank you to our hosting facilities & Artown partners; Arbors Memory Care Community, Atria Summit Ridge Senior Living  Community, FastFrame of Reno & Artown!

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers and board members who spent many long hours coordinating & attending events & sharing our mission!


Donations are always welcome!

Please email us at or call 775-848-4757 to make arrangements.  All donations directly support our Alzheimer’s artist’s creative art program. We are a 501(c)3  not-for-profit organization.


    Our Mission:

 Moments of Memory… Art from the Hearts of Alzheimer’s Artists. 

A non-profit program of visual art expression developed for those living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.  With passion and purpose Moments of Memory classes create a safe, supportive environment for social interaction and self-expression resulting in a non-critical and fail-safe experience.  Specific techniques enable individuals to focus on a task at hand and experience a sense of accomplishment, counteracting feelings of depression and isolation.  Having the opportunity to share the tangible reward of their efforts in a group setting renews self-confidence and trust.  Reconnecting with society in a productive community restores a sense of self even in the later stages of the artist’s dementing illness.   

 ART: I’ve Got Your Back by Babs, created with women’s cosmetics!      


 FastFrame of Reno on Moana Lane is the official framer for all Moments of Memory art! Thank you Steve, Linda and Ian for your continued support in 2013, passion for the cause and superb framing! Congratulations on being voted Best of Reno Art Framers 2009 in the Reno News & Review!!  


Ian & Steve of FastFrame

45 Responses to “About Moments of Memory”

  1. Karon McDonald Says:

    Beautiful job on the new artwork all! The gentlemen have such talent, it’s great to see the “masculinity” in their work. I especially love the bright colored artwork, as you know me! Miss all of the artists and especially YOU!! I am using what you have taught me to enhance the lives of the residents where I now work, although it is not the same without you there to assist me, it DOES work! Love to you my friend and mentor!

  2. Thank you to everyone for all the great comments regarding the NEW art in the Gallery of Art! I do pass on your comments to the artists and they are very touched by your kind words!
    We appreciate each and everyone of our supporters, followers and those who “Like” us on FB. Cheers to a New Year of great art experiences for our artists!!!!

  3. Lynette Says:

    Dear Debra, Thank you so very much for the generous calendar order!!!
    I sincerely hope you and your clients enjoy them all year long!
    Hope your holidays are Splendid and Memorable, Lynette

  4. Lynette — LOVE your site! I cannot always be present in person at your events but you know I am always there in my heart! Love much, Debra Fredericks

  5. Raina Says:

    I love the site and the new photos put up! I look forward to purchasing a 2014 calendar as well!

  6. Sean Fogarty Says:

    Oh wow! We look so good in the pictures at the walk! I really had a lot of fun that day and I would be so interested to do it again! We love the work you do Lynette :)

  7. Lynette Says:

    Thank you Laurie for inviting us to spend time with your residents! We had a fabulous experience with creative results. We can’t wait to come visit Bonaventure again soon. Thank you for all your assistance:)

  8. Laurie Says:

    Thank you so very much for coming out to Bonaventure today! It was so good to meet you and Karen, I know the residents really enjoyed painting today by looking at their smiling faces :)

  9. Says:

    I will definitely stop by the Arbors and purchase some of those wonderful greeting cards. I particularly like the pink long legged bird.

  10. Gina Says:

    So excited about this years Art Auction on April 11. Always love watching the artists enjoy their event. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

  11. Wendy Knorr Says:

    I am so pleased to see this program continue in our area. Thank you to all those who have supported it. Make plans to join us for the event April 11th – you will be inspired beyond belief! See you then!

  12. You have given me great ideas regarding this subject! I was looking for these kinds of posts! Thank you! I am looking forward to more of your posts!

  13. donna wynott Says:

    Thank you.

  14. Pamela Lambert-Elias Says:

    I’m looking forward to the events for Artown! Lynette, you have such imagination! You’ve inspired all these artists. Fun!

  15. Wendy K Says:

    I can’t wait for all the events in July! Things are really coming together and I am excited that people are taking note. If everyone will just tell one more person about what we are doing…where the website is…and buy some art – we will be touching sooooo many lives.
    Thanks to Lynette for her tremendous dedication in seeing this vision come to reality…many years, tears and fears! Great job!

  16. Stephanie Says:

    I think the cards turned out wonderful! thanks to Dynagraphic printing here in Reno who printed them for us at their non profit rate.
    What a good deal on these cards. $12 for one set or 2 for $20. I need to buy some more for myself!!

  17. Dave Wrenn Says:

    I was wondering if it was possible to get someone into the classes at the Arbors without them being a resident? My mother has moderate dementia from mini-strokes and use to paint a lot. She hasn’t done any in at least twenty years but still has her easel and and tool box full of dried up paint and brushes. I would love to see her get back into creating art. We have 5 or 6 of her oils and one water color hanging in the house. Her favorite hangs over her bed, it is a sofa size oil of the Atmospherium Planetarium that she painted shortly after they built it.

  18. Karon Says:

    Hello Lynette,

    Please let me know what help you need for “Anything”!! Especially the upcoming events, you are a wonderful person just by being you! Thank you for helping those in our community with and without Alzheimer’s Disease!! As well, thank you for helping me with my dreams of completing college. You are a wonderful mentor to me and I appreciate all of your support!

  19. alzart Says:

    Eloise, so thrilled you were inspired! If you need help or additional suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me personally and I will walk you through the techniques. I was actually inspired by 3 little children I was trying to entertain on a rainy day back in 1985. They were actually 5 or 6 years old and I was desperate for an idea. I emptied my cosmetic drawer (after removing the good stuff of course) on to a tray, put it in the middle of the table and gave everyone paper. They didn’t stop “creating” for 3 hours!! An idea was born and everyone was happy. I wish you the best of luck Eloise and thank you for your lovely comments. Lynette Schweigert

  20. Eloise Rawlings Says:

    I just returned home (Omaha, Nebraska) from a trip to Reno and just had to send a note of thanks for your inspirational art display at the airport.

    My daughter has severe alcohol dementia and has the capacity of a six year old child. She spends hours coloring, trying to stay within the lines of her coloring book. I am her primary caregiver and am 83 years young. Even with my experience as a lifelong school teacher, her limitations are a challenge for me and I am always looking for ways to expand her abilities. After seeing your art display, I am anxious to integrate some of your techniques. I am grateful that I found your Alzheimer’s Moments of Memory. Even though my daughter does not have Alzheimer’s, I’m hopeful that we can benefit from trying your ideas. Thank you.

  21. Carol Chatmon Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you,,,,,for such a valuable and heartfelt service you are providing…..All the love shines through

  22. alzart Says:

    And a downright pleasure to have you as valuable volunteer!

  23. John Blomberg Says:

    Downright beautiful and inspiring. A pleasure to have participated.

  24. alzart Says:

    Thank you Kathy we really appreciate your comments!!! If you would like to send me your mother’s photo and a story, I’ll post it on our “brand new today” Memory Keepers page:o) Speak of her often and keep her memories alive!
    Sincerely, Lynette

  25. Kathy Lawson Says:

    Reno Tahoe Airport
    Reno, Nevada

    As I strolled past the Alzheimer’s Art Gallery, I was unashamed by my tears of happiness for those patients who were able to participate in this display and to share their talent with us and by my tears of sadness that my own mother could not have lived to enjoy this type of artistic expression.

    My mother died many, many years ago with multiple diseases but her mental condition was a diagnosis of organic brain syndrome (which would now be called Alzheimer’s Disease). At the time of her stay in a long term care facility what a disservice to patients that this type of art work was not available.

    I applaud this group of Alzheimer’s artists, along with the staff who assisted them in putting together this project.

    My appreciation is overwhelming. It was such an emotional experience. My thanks to everybody involved. Thank you, Reno Tahoe Airport.

    With gratitude, Kathy Lawson

  26. Lynette Says:

    Thank you for the nice comments! We look forward to seeing you at the auction on July 31st! I’ll have information available on the website. Keep checking back:)…oh, and there will be more art too!

  27. Linda Says:

    What an inspiration! While waiting for my aunt to arrive for Easter vacation, my husband and I spent about 30 minutes admiring each piece of art work and reading all the comments. There is certainly a wealth of talent. We will be there for the auction!

  28. Greg Says:

    I’m 19 and a “wannabe” artist. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the art work at the airport.

  29. Kathy Says:

    When I saw the display at the Reno airport, I was brought to tears. My mother is in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer’s. If only the nursing home had this type of art, I know my mom would respond and enjoy.

  30. Alan E Says:

    Very nice site…and I appreciate the information. In California, we have an Adult Day Health Care Center that has a similar program…the art is framed and exhibited within the Center. This is a great way to show the talents of those suffering from the affects of Alzheimer’s. thank you so much!

  31. P Tanzy Maxfield Says:

    Was able to spend time with your exhibition at the Reno Airport while I waited for my daughter. My mother had alzheimers and I spent a great deal of time with her in her assisted living facility. I so appreciate the reminders your exhibit provided me of that time and experience. The project itself is wonderful, as is the artful result. Thank you to all who participate, directors, volunteers, resident artists, and donating framers.

  32. Gina Says:

    Congratulations on a WONDERFUL show. I am so impressed! It was fantastic to see the artist’s faces as they realized that it was their work on display.

  33. Beth Campbell Says:

    I would like to purchase several items:

    3, 5X7 prints Sun by Alex, Sun by Tommie, and Sun by Edith.

    I would also like 1 sets of cards: Sun by Alex.

    For a total of $30 plus postage. Please email me with instructions for payment.
    I live in Colorado.
    Thanks, Beth

  34. Diana Says:

    I am soooo impressed! Moments of Memory is a wonderful project. You are making a difference in the lives of the residents. I admire your talent, your dedication, your patience, and your ability to make things happen. You are an inspiration and a blessing to those you you give so freely to. Thanks for all you do!

  35. Lisa Says:

    Fabulous! I will bring my children to peruse the wonderful art on display. Is this program is available to dementia patients at other facilities?

    Great job Lynette. I admire your dedication and passion!

  36. Gina Says:

    Fantastic job putting together these events! Can’t wait to see the response. You have really done some incredible work in getting Moments of Memory up and rolling. I love that this program is available in our area!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  37. Alan Says:

    Nicely done Lynette! I hope your group knows how fortunate they are to have you on the team. Thanks for sending the link.

    Good thoughts,

  38. Karon Says:

    Great job Lynette! You are doing such great things!! I wish I had even 1/2 of your talent … maybe it’ll rub off …

    See you soon!

  39. Pamela Says:

    THe disease does make its victims feel depressed and isolated and this program creates such positive results! Bravo Lynni!

  40. Awesome idea! My grandmother suffered from this for many years. In those days they just sat her in a wheel chair and ignored her. With no interaction she just kept getting worse.

  41. Gail Letcher Says:

    Wow, wow, wow… terrific job. You are giving me some keen competition here! Do you sell any of the work? Love the Lipstick Heart Prints – Group Project…

    See you soon. Gail

  42. alzart Says:

    Thanks for looking:) I appreciate your feedback. Save the Date..LOL I get it!

  43. Georgia Says:

    Beautiful, and well written….Looking forward to the Evening Gala in July…Save The Date!

  44. alzart Says:

    Merci beaucoup!

  45. Janine Says:

    Fabulous. Love what you have done with this page.

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