WELCOME…our Gallery of Art by Alzheimer’s Artists!

Techniques used by our artists were specifically developed by Lynette Schweigert to provide a no-fail art experience for the artists. The artwork is a multi-layered water color and/or acrylic paint and plain paper technique taking from 1-3 classes to complete…the journey is the reward, the art is the award!  Alzheimer’s artists usually have no previous art experience from which to draw their inspiration, techniques or talents.

 The Paper Palette process is a multi-process  technique.  Artists initially create a color library of painted paper using sponges, wet or dry paper dabbers, sponge brushes and other miscellaneous items to put paint to paper. When dry the painted paper is sorted by color and put in clear envelopes.  Some painted paper is kept intact to be used as a background, the first step in beginning a new work of art.  The color library is now ready to be used as an inspiration to artists. After colors are selected, the strips are torn, or cut, and applied over a selected pre-painted background. Torn paper is secured to the background with sponges and thinned white glue. The layering process may take as many as 3 classes to complete. The artists finish their work by applying a thin glue coat to the entire piece.

Other techniques used are: “Blushing Memories Cosmetic Art” art created using women’s cosmetics which have been donated to the program, feather painting, tissue collage, water color, pastels, watercolor pencils, sponge stamping and leaf+twig+fruit stamping!

Email alzart18@icloud.com with your questions.

Moments of Memory, Inc. in Nevada, is an IRS approved (12/15/08) 501 (c)3 tax exempt charity.  Our mission is to bring visual art experiences to those living with memory impairment.  Your donation, pursuant to NRS 598, may be tax deductible. Please check with your personal accountant.


Gallery pg 43 Gentlemen's Art

MOM gallery 42 Heart Strings for web

Gallery Pg 41 Pieces of My Heart

MOM gallery 40 Dandelions for web

MOM gallery 39 Sunshine Faces for web

MOM gallery 38 The Intern Project for web

MOM gallery 37 Art from Memory for web

MOM gallery 36 Gallery Medley for web

MOM gallery 35 Fall Color for web

MOM gallery 34 Winter Bright Lights for web

MOM gallery 33 Blushing Hearts for web

MOM gallery pg 32 Mixed Media for web

mom gallery pg 31 Fashionable Florals for web

MOM gallery pg 30 Flutterbys for web

MOM Gallery pg 29 Fish Prints & Floral Fish for the web

MOM gallery pg 28 Lollipop Buds & Bugs for web

MOM gallery pg 27 Geranium Project for web









8 Responses to “Gallery of Art”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    LOVE the new floral art. Can’t wait to get myself some new lavendar cards and I think I want to get one of the bouquet and basket pieces. I love them!

  2. alzart Says:

    Carol, thank you so very much for your purchase! We hope it brings you many hours of pleasure!

  3. carol meyer Says:

    Thanks for the beautiful art. Planning to put a piece in my office. I now have 2 pieces that have been done by folks with memory problems. I am a proud collector!

  4. alzart Says:

    Helen, you won a beautiful piece of art at the auction! Will you be picking it up or should we mail it to you! Let us know, thanks Helen!

  5. Helen Heller Says:

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Arbors. Thank you for sharing your original art.

  6. alzart Says:

    Thank you Karon!!!

  7. Karon Says:

    Beautiful new lavendar artwork! What talented people you have to work with! Thank you for all of your hard work and love!

  8. Terry Says:

    I can’t express how this art touches me. I own several pieces and they are very treasured. To be someone that’s family member suffered from Alzheimer’s and have a piece of art that they made when they couldn’t even remember who I was, would be amazing. My Father had Alzheimer’s and I wish this art class had been there for him. I thank you from the bottom of my heart Lynette for creating this opportunity for others.

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