“I didn’t know I could do what I’ve done!”


Conversations with our Artists…

During Artown in July of 2010 I  took the artists on a tour of the Art from the Heart of Alzheimer’s Artists gallery to gain their perception of the art they had created…this is what they had to say:


J.  “It’s amazing that we can do this and not remember doing it…it’s beautiful, it looks like the real thing…Oh, my God…that’s mine? I’ve never done anything like this in my life!…I didn’t know I could do what I’ve done…(tears)”


R. “The lavender one is my favorite…I love painting!”


B. “Wow, did I do that?..Wow, it’s beautiful!…that’s amazing really, it’s so pretty in the frame…I have to admit…that’s nice!”


E. “No, I didn’t do that, it’s too pretty….I did!?! Well, it does have my name on it!”


T. “I’ll paint anything she tells me to paint, I don’t know how I do it …this is my favorite (smiling)”


B. During a class I asked B. if he wanted to wash the green paint off of his hands before he went to lunch (or as I call it…Free food in the restaurant!).  He responded “No, I want people to see how creative and productive I was today!”…I cried:)


K.  I have a fairly new resident in my class. K. is quiet and pensive and swears she can’t create art. Then when I wasn’t looking she created a wonderful piece with batiked and painted paper! I showed it to the class and applause ensued and she broke into tears….happy tears!!!


Yes, we clap a lot and we cry a lot, especially me!




Please visit our gallery of art at Arbors Memory Care Community, open 9-5:30 daily, we’d love to hear what you have to say! They are located at 2121 E. Prater Way, Sparks, NV 89434, 775-331-2229.





One Response to “Conversations with our Artists”

  1. Donna Rooney Says:

    Lynette you are absolutely an “art” angel. Watching the residents in their “art class” is a hoot. You can inspire them to heights even they aren’t aware they can reach. I use the note cards for all my written correspondence. They are perfect for all occasions. Thanks for being there for Mom, Edith, and all our wonderful artists.

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