For more information: Call Lynette at 775-848-4757 or email ALZART18@ICLOUD.COM

If you know of an event i.e. health, caregiver or art related, that you think we should attend, please let us know, we’d appreciate your input.

questions? Text 775-848-4757

3 Responses to “Events Calendar”

  1. […] Memory Care Community is proud to host Artown events in conjunction with Moments of Memory.  Throughout the entire month of July, our lobby will feature a gallery of artwork that has been […]

  2. kathy olsen Says:

    Thank you for listing all of the events and supplies you and the artists use. I am looking forward to all of the exciting events. The art is fabulous and beautifully created.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Looking forward to the Artown event on the 27th of July. What a great time and to stock up on some more art. And I love seeing the artists get so excited to see their art on display.

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