Summer Sunset is by Edith, whom we miss very much.  She started the piece by selecting a background from our Paper Palette Library. This piece was created by having a Musical Art day, where we moved the art to the next artist when the music stopped, very much like musical chairs.  Then Edith selected other painted papers from the library and tore them for the plateaus and applied them to the background then she hand painted the trees. This was a one day project taking 1 1/2 hours. Bravo Edith!!! 

Edith collage art

Fallen Foliage,  is a masterpiece created by Buck! The processes Buck incorporated includes first drawing and cutting out ridged paper leaf shapes. Then he applied them with a small piece of tape to his art paper. After giving the layout much thought he painted over them with an acrylic wash then removed the leaf templates. Then Buck applied a thicker acrylic paint to the leaf templates and stamped the shapes over his original wash. Lastly, Buck, with the help of our interns, permanently attached the painted leaves to the layout for the final layer. This work of art took 2 classes to complete, a total of 3 hours! Bravo Buck!!

Fallen Foliage by Buck 1


Heart photoWinged Heart by Alzheimer’s Artists, compiled by Lynette Schweigert, Dir. and Smiley Armstrong a devoted volunteer

.…mosaic wings of nail polish, hearts of lipstick, images of their water-color art…moments of memory, past and present, trapped and fleeting!

Inspired by a famous quote from the movie  An Affair to Remember…”winter must be cold for those with no warm memories”, spoken by Deborah Kerr.  Three dimensional yarn represents the plaques and tangles of Alzheimer’s disease, trapping and corrupting memories and even fantasies of our youth.

This labor of love took the artists 2 weeks to adorn the wings using nail polish. The Winged Heart is made of galvanized metal and approximately 24″ wide by 16″ high. The center of the piece is a compilation of their watercolor collage work combined with hearts designed with lipstick then pressed onto watercolor backgrounds. The original art has been photographed, printed on glossy photo quality stock then trimmed to integrate into the finished work. To give the piece a three-dimensional quality, vintage buttons and jewelry have been added to accent the colors and nostalgic reference of the inspiration.

Cosmetics, such as lipstick, nail polish, blush, foundation, eye shadow, powder and lining brushes and pencils are often used because of the familiarity of their application by our female artists!  Using cosmetics is a constant source of humor for our male artists. The colors, fragrances and familiar application tools of the cosmetics offer a non-threatening, effortless creative experience, increasing the comfort level and often resulting in memory laced social conversation.

alz-art-don-floral-reflection-smMoments of Memory, “Art from the Hearts of Alzheimer’s Artists” is the dream of a few and the hope of many. Our Board of Directors are all true believers in the power of art and the positive attributes it brings to those living with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and solely supported by the sales of our greeting cards and art prints and auction of professionally framed original art. We would appreciate your support!

ART: Floral Reflection by Don


  • PRESIDENT  Gina Stutchman, Co-founder
  • EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR  Lynette Schweigert, Co-founder
  • TREASURER  Wendy Knorr
  • EDUCATION ADVISOR  Marin Gillis, LPh, PhD


To contact Moments of Memory, respond below, phone (775) 848-4757 or write to: Moments of Memory,  Lynette Schweigert, Executive Director, 2346 Palmer Crt., Reno, NV 89502


6 Responses to “Who We Are”

  1. Nice ideas! Thank you for such a wonderful post! Keep sharing!

  2. Wendy K Says:

    This is a great way to see the art and share the vision. Great job!

  3. alzart Says:

    Thank you so much!

  4. kathy olsen Says:

    Great website. It looks terrific. I will keep in touch. Kathy Olsen

  5. Nice looking page and some great info – do you guys have a fb group or a twitter page?

  6. The site is wonderful! Can’t wait to see the art.

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